Dr. Tina Cheng

Dr Tina Cheng graduated from UC Davis with a Bachelors of Science in Genetics. After graduating, she pursued her passion for teaching by becoming a substitute teacher and then Head Teacher managing a preschool while preparing for graduate school. She attended the Masters program in Cellular and Molecular Biology at San Francisco State University where her research on a breast cancer gene pathway led to a published paper. At Genentech Biotechnology Company, she worked on different projects including the clinical trials for the drugs now used to treat cancer and macular degeneration. Realizing she missed teaching and directly helping people everyday, she left biotech and went to the University of California Berkeley Optometry School. Dr Cheng did an extra year in residency at the Palo Alto Veterans Administration Hospital and Western Blind Rehabilitation Center for Primary Eye Care and Low Vision where she worked and taught students of optometry and cared for the ocular health of military veterans. She continues to pursue her passion in learning with certifications and workshops in different healing modalities, health, and wellness.