Pediatric Eye Exams

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close up girl, face and eyes smilingRoutine eye exams are recommended for babies and children starting at the age of just 6 months old. These eye exams ensure your child’s vision development milestones are all being hit at the appropriate points in their lives. Regular pediatric eye exams are also critical to your child’s overall health as eye conditions that are diagnosed and treated earlier in your little one’s life often have a better chance for a successful recovery.

Important developmental milestones for a child’s vision include:

  • How to focus on objects both near and far
  • Depth Perception: How to coordinate both eyes to work together
  • Eye-Hand Coordination: How to coordinate the eyes to work with other parts of the body
  • Overall ability to distinguish color
  • Eye muscle integrity, balance, and health

All kids and teens under the age of 19 years old, will receive coverage for their annual eye exam through their BC Carecard (MSP). For more information, call and ask an Optometrist at the Superstore location nearest you.

Ensure that your child always enjoys optimal eye health! Visit an optometrist in Surrey, an optometrist in Vancouver, an optometrist in Delta, an optometrist in North Vancouver, or an optometrist in Coquitlam at any one of our Vision West Superstore locations.

Poor Vision Can Affect More Children Than You Think

Did you know that 1 in 5 children will develop – or already suffer from – a vision ailment that their parents will be completely unaware of?

Poor eyesight — and the inability to focus in on specific objects — can impede a child’s progress at school as more than 75% of learning is achieved through vision and visual cues. Parents that are able to identify the signs of any level of visual impairment can help ensure their child receives the simple corrective solutions they need to start thriving in their young lives whether it be in the classroom, during sports events, or when spending time with friends.

Does Your Child Have Lazy Eye?

A common ocular ailment such as lazy eye, also known as Amblyopia, is an early childhood condition where a child’s eyesight in one eye does not fully develop as it should. The problem usually occurs in just one eye, but can sometimes affect both sides. When a patient has a lazy eye, the brain focuses on one eye more than the other, which means the other eye is effectively ignored. If that eye is not stimulated or used properly, the visual brain cells do not mature normally. It is absolutely critical to detect and treat Lazy Eye as early as possible through a comprehensive eye exam – preferably before the age of 7 years old. Diagnosis and visual therapy in a child’s early years can help decrease the risk of vision loss as they grow older. Treatment is simple and often extremely successful. For more information on how to diagnose and treat your child for lazy eye, ask a certified Vision West eye doctor today.

Does Your Child Have Strabismus?

If your little one’s eyes seem to look in different directions or not focus on the same object, he may have strabismus, which is also known as a lack of coordination between the eyes. In some cases, they may appear to be crossed or one may seem to drift inward, outward, or upward. Strabismus can be constant (meaning the eyes are consistently crossed or misaligned) or intermittent (meaning it happens now and then). Early detection and treatment through a comprehensive eye exam is extremely necessary to ensure a reduced risk of vision loss. For more information on treatment options for children suffering from Strabismus, please contact a certified Vision West optometrist today.