Senior’s Eye Care and Eye Exams

Senior’s Eye Care and Eye Exams

senior woman smiling wearing glassesAs we grow older, routine eye exams become even more important as age-related ocular diseases have a much greater potential for affecting our quality of life. What’s even more critical is that vision problems may develop with no physical symptoms until they’re quite advanced.

Your Vision West eye doctor will first review your personal and family health history to assess whether there are any hereditary instances of eye disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Your optometrist will then run tests to check for:

  • Nearsightedness (aka. Myopia), Farsightedness (aka. Hyperopia), blurred vision for objects at any distance (aka. Astigmatism and the diminished ability to focus on nearby objects (aka. Presbyopia).
  • Coordination of eye muscles, pupil responsiveness to light, and color testing.
  • Overall health of the lens (location of the cataract), macula, optic nerve, and retina.
  • The pressure of your eye: Notable pressure within the eye could be an early indicator of glaucoma and other ocular diseases.

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